A transformative journey on how eligarf emerged as the game-changer for a global provider, navigating through legacy challenges to redefine supplier qualification on a global scale.


Customer Challenges:

The global provider needed a solution that could seamlessly consolidate multiple semi-cloned legacy applications while accommodating solutions developed and maintained by diverse teams worldwide. The challenges included the necessity for flexibility to sustain aggressive business volumes and pace and the goal of bringing business operations across the globe onto a single, cohesive global product.

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eligarf took on the challenge armed with advanced technologies, including MVC 4, ASP.net framework 4.0, C#, Couchbase (NOSQL technology), and Elastic Search. This technological arsenal laid the foundation for a robust and adaptable solution.


eligarf's Solution:

eligarf’s solution centred around efficient data capture through online questionnaires and rigorous validation processes. It encompassed due diligence of suppliers and their supply chains, supplier risk management through compliance matrices and scoring, and seamless 3rd party integration with financial and non-financial data providers via Data Exchange – FTP and API. The platform also facilitated document management, including the categorisation and organisation of essential documents, and conducted thorough financial risk analysis through key financial figures calculations.

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Customer Benefits:

The impact of eligarf’s solution was transformative for the global provider. The platform developed by eligarf became a configurable solution, offering systematic, auditable, and risk-driven supplier qualification and management. The solution addressed the mounting pressures of supplier risk management, significantly reducing the effort required for supplier validation and sourcing. Ultimately, the customer experienced a product which led to the growth of their business.

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