Explore how eligarf revolutionised the operations of a major Travel Giant by tackling fragmented workflows and inefficient CRM systems. This case study details some of the challenges, innovative AWS solutions, and significant improvements achieved. 


Customer Challenges:

Our customer, a travel industry giant, had fragmented workflows between departments and faced inefficient communication due to multiple unintegrated CRM systems. These systems handled 40-50K daily events, had low resilience, and were prone to disruptions without automated retry mechanisms. 


eligarf's Solution:

eligarf implemented an event-driven architecture using AWS services such as SQS, Lambda, ECS, Step Functions, Aurora DB, Dynamo DB, and EKS. This solution enabled seamless event management across entities, ensuring independent yet interconnected operations. The architecture included self-healing and automated retries, significantly enhancing system resilience and fault tolerance. 

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Customer Benefits:

The transformation resulted in a unified, robust, and fault-tolerant infrastructure, replacing the fragmented system. Automated self-healing and retry mechanisms improved operational efficiency and customer experience, demonstrating eligarf’s expertise in integrating complex systems and driving innovation for operational excellence. 

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