Uncover the ground-breaking journey of how eligarf, armed with cutting-edge technology, partnered with a large UK police force to address rising challenges in crime management, optimise budgets, and strategically deploy police personnel for maximum impact.


Customer Challenges:

There were multiple challenges that the police force faced, from an increase in weapon-based crimes, navigating the police ROTA to ensure optimising the use of the police force and having the police officers when and where the situation demands, reducing the dependency on individual policing capabilities and above that cut costs to optimise budgets.

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Unveil the arsenal of advanced tools leveraged by eligarf in collaboration with the police force: 

• Qlik: Explore how Qlik’s data analytics empowered the force with insightful visualisations. 
• R and Python: Dive into the technical sophistication brought about by the utilisation of R and Python for robust data analysis and modelling.

eligarf's Solution:

 eligarf developed strategic solutions tailored to meet the challenges head-on: 

Hotspot Determination: Hotspots were identified using advanced analytics to focus police officers where they were needed the most. 
Neighbourhood Analysis: Neighbourhood analysis to understand crime patterns during different times of the day and week. 
Crime Forecasting: Predictive models were crafted to forecast crimes, particularly around pubs and bars and 5 years past data was used to create the model.
Meeting Place Identification: Innovative approach of identifying typical meeting places for criminals prior to committing crimes. 
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Customer Benefits:

The police force benefitted with an 87% correlation to pubs/bars in identifying high-crime areas around pubs and bars. Improving the Crime Forecast Accuracy enabling the police force to stay one step ahead, Strategic Resource Allocation facilitated the allocation of patrolling resources to the right places at the right times, Mobilising Forces Effectively driven by hotspot identification and crime forecasts and all this was achieved by cost reduction in overtime expenses.

Unveil the transformative impact of eligarf’s intervention in reshaping the landscape of crime prevention for the police force, demonstrating the power of technology in ensuring public safety and resource optimisation. Connect with us by dropping a message at [email protected], and together, let’s embark on a journey where innovation effortlessly merges with efficiency.