Explore how eligarf transformed the testing landscape for the world’s leading experts in the Supply Chain Management (SCM) B2B portal.


Customer Challenges:

The SCM B2B portal grappled with multifaceted challenges, where customers wanted new features added on a regular basis, evaluating the product maturity in the face of a continuously evolving product, frequent releases, tedious script maintenance, and the resultant increase in efforts and delivery time leading to unhappy and loss of customers.

Technology (2)


Utilising a robust technological stack comprising MVC 4, ASP.net framework 4.0, MySQL, and tools like Bugzilla, Testopia, Quality Centre, Rally, as well as Selenium Webdriver, JMeter, and ZAP.


eligarf's Solution:

eligarf’s innovative approach addressed the challenges by implementing a comprehensive solution. The automation framework automated 2800 scenarios for a configurable product, iteratively automated scripts with multiple test data sets, and employed a function-based community generic approach, introduced functional decomposition for reusable scripts, adopted a data-driven approach to cover diverse communities and business scenarios, and executed tests based on scenarios.

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Customer Benefits:

The results were ground-breaking – eligarf’s Automation Testing Platform saved substantial effort over manual testing for each release. The platform seamlessly covered business scenarios for newly implemented features using continuous integration, effectively reducing manual testing efforts and enhancing overall efficiency and faster releases of the product.

Discover how eligarf’s Automation Testing Platform not only overcame the challenges faced by the SCM B2B portal but also revolutionised the testing process, resulting in substantial time and effort savings. 

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