Embark on a journey through the dynamic world of travel with our latest case study, showcasing how eligarf played a pivotal role for the largest tours and travel company globally. Dive into the challenges faced, the ingenious solutions implemented, and the outstanding results achieved through the creation of a cutting-edge Recommendation System.


Customer Challenges:

Our customer, a travel industry giant, sought a game-changing solution – a recommendation system tailored for diverse geographies. The challenge was not only to provide real-time recommendations but also to influence customer choices and boost online sales. With a colossal data set of 4-5 petabytes and growing daily, the demand for split-second responses added another layer of complexity.


eligarf's Solution:

eligarf engineered a revolutionary recommendation system strategically hosted on the robust AWS platform. This comprehensive solution addressed a spectrum of challenges, including handling immense data velocity and integrating data from various sources such as historical bookings, customer profiles, website and mobile app logs, and social media feeds. Some key features of the solution were real-time recommendations for diverse geographies, scalability to manage an ever-expanding data set, performance tracking of recommendations, self-learning mechanism based on customer responses, empowerment of business users for day-to-day platform management, and recommendation overriding system for sponsored suggestions.

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Customer Benefits:

The result was nothing short of groundbreaking – the customer gained a unique and proprietary recommendation solution that delivered personalised advice to their customers for the perfect holiday.

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