Delve into the transformative journey of a rapidly expanding Insure-Tech giant based in the US as they sought the expertise of eligarf to tackle monumental challenges in processing vast amounts of unstructured data. This case study unfolds a narrative of challenges, innovative solutions, and remarkable results achieved through collaborative efforts.


Customer Challenges:

Discover the hurdles faced by the Insure-Tech company, including managing massive volumes of unstructured data from diverse sources, integrating AI & ML solutions for timely quality delivery within SLA deadlines, standardising processes, and adapting continuously to evolving requirements.


eligarf's Solution:

Uncover how eligarf strategically approached the challenges by setting up a dedicated team meticulously trained by the customer on processes and SOPs. Operating during US hours, the eligarf team assumed responsibility for OCR annotation, data extraction, and the implementation of standard operating procedures. The process included tasks like Splitting/Ingestion and assembling disparate data to form cohesive documents, all while ensuring strict adherence to data privacy and security regulations. Witness the gradual expansion of the team to 16 hours of US time to meet and surpass customer expectations.

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Customer Benefits:

Explore the tangible outcomes of this partnership, witnessing the Insure-Tech company’s business growth with the efficient processing of large business volumes. The collaborative effort led to the establishment of SOPs that brought about substantial efficiency gains. Revel in the advantages enjoyed by the customer—a multi-skilled team dedicated to US hours of production.

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