Explore how eligarf, a leading technology solution provider, partnered with a prominent UK council to overcome housing service challenges, resulting in significant cost savings and an enhanced tenant experience.


Customer Challenges:

Dive into the complexities faced by the UK council, managing a vast portfolio of properties, including the struggle with frequent repairs in ageing homes, repair costs constituting over 80% of their expenditure, and the cumbersome process of manual reporting through Excel.


eligarf's Solution:

Discover how eligarf’s transformative solution included the implementation of BI Applications to optimise data usage for decision-making at all levels. Learn about the integration of Association analysis, identifying synergies in repairs, and the strategic assignment of multi-skilled technicians for simultaneous issue resolution. Explore how this shift from reactive to pre-emptive repairs revolutionised the approach to property maintenance.

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Customer Benefits:

The Council uncovered tangible benefits, including a remarkable 20% reduction in costs. The predictive repairs were executed efficiently, ensuring timely resolutions and ultimately elevating tenant satisfaction. 

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