In the fast-paced world of decision-making, timely access to accurate data is paramount. This case study delves into how eligarf, a leading technology solution provider, collaborated with a prominent UK housing association, facing challenges in obtaining timely reports for crucial board meetings. 


Customer Challenges:

The large UK housing association encountered significant hurdles in its decision-making processes. Board meetings and subsequent decisions were often delayed by 20 to 25 days post the month-end, impeding the agility required in today’s dynamic business environment. 

Key challenges included:

A decentralised process reliant on manual intervention for report preparation.
Limited utilisation of critical data, key figures, and necessary reports for monitoring diverse business metrics.
The urgent need for a Business Intelligence System that could:
Monitor key business metrics and facilitate the decision-making process.
Ensure data accessibility across different platforms (desktop, laptop, mobile).
Allow users to slice and dice data as per their specific requirements.

eligarf's Solution:

eligarf undertook a comprehensive study of the existing systems and data to establish a high-level architecture and data mapping.

The solution comprised several strategic components:

Implementation of an automated process for extracting structured data from various sources, including databases and spreadsheets.
Development of an Operational Data Store (ODS), encompassing data staging, transformations, and data marts required for Power BI dashboards and reports.
Establishment of incremental data loading at regular intervals with robust audit trails.
Creation of intuitive dashboards and reports, extending beyond existing ones, offering enhanced data analysis capabilities.
In-depth training for business users on report and dashboard utilisation, empowering them to analyse data and identify trends, correlations, and associations.
Technology (2)


Power BI and SQL formed the robust technological backbone of eligarf’s solution.

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Customer Benefits:

The implementation of eligarf’s Real-Time Reporting Solution resulted in transformative benefits for the housing association:

Stakeholders gained faster and easier access to key figures and reports, which is vital for monitoring diverse business metrics.
Business users and analysts could independently slice and dice company data, fostering self-sufficiency in generating business insights.
Drastic reduction in dependence on manual intervention for report preparation, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.
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