Discover how eligarf, a leading technology solutions provider, transformed the landscape for one of India’s premier payment gateways through “Personalised Customer Campaigns”.


Customer Challenges:

Our customer ranked among the top 3 payment gateways in India, faced the challenge of navigating the fiercely competitive world of digital transactions. In pursuit of heightened customer engagement, they sought to implement deep customer segmentation and profiling for personalised campaigns. The customer aimed to overcome the hurdles of standing out in the crowded payment gateway sector. To achieve this, they needed a robust solution that would enable deep customer segmentation and profiling, setting the stage for highly personalised campaigns.


eligarf's Solution:

eligarf stepped up to the challenge by implementing a cutting-edge Big Data Analytics Solution. Leveraging both external and internal datasets, eligarf processed a staggering 20 million customer profiles and is growing, updating them daily. The solution was tailored to identify key customer parameters for profiling, incorporating external data validation and augmentation. The architecture, featuring MySQL, MongoDB, Drools framework, and Java/Python development, was meticulously designed and developed for efficient batch processing.

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Customer Benefits:

The impact of eligarf’s solution was nothing short of remarkable. The implementation led to an impressive 60% improvement in response rates, thanks to the personalisation infused into customer campaigns. eligarf successfully identified distinct customer segments such as Bargain Hunters, Night Life Enthusiasts, Luxury Spenders, among others. These targeted campaigns not only resonated with the audience but also resulted in a significant boost in revenue.

For organisations seeking to revolutionise their customer engagement strategies and unlock the potential of personalised recommendations, eligarf invites you to delve into the details of this transformative project.

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