Discover how eligarf, a leading AI innovator, collaborated with one of the UK’s largest animal welfare charities to address a crucial challenge: identifying animal breeds swiftly and accurately to enhance the welfare of abandoned animals and boost adoption rates.


Customer Challenges:

Facing the complex task of managing numerous animal breeds and crossbreeds, the charity sought a solution that could rapidly and precisely identify the breed of abandoned animals. Recognising the pivotal role of breed information in influencing adoption decisions, the challenge was to streamline the identification process efficiently.


eligarf's Solution:

In response, eligarf devised a cutting-edge AI solution utilising the Polygon annotation methodology. The approach involved leveraging a vast database of animal breed images, incorporating variations in object scale, rotation, and resolution to ensure model robustness. Through meticulous training, eligarf created a scalable AI model tailored to address the unique challenges posed by the diverse array of animal breeds.

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Customer Benefits:

The transformative impact was evident as users gained the ability to swiftly identify animal breeds with a remarkable 95% accuracy. This breakthrough significantly improved the welfare of abandoned animals by facilitating informed decision-making during the adoption process. The charity witnessed accelerated adoption rates, creating a positive ripple effect within the animal welfare ecosystem.

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