This case study is about how eligarf’s innovative approach not only addressed the challenges faced by our customer- M&A Due Diligence services provider in the US, but also paved the way for a more efficient, user-friendly, and technologically advanced workflow, ultimately redefining the landscape of bankruptcy claims processing.


Customer Challenges:

The challenges were many that needed to be addressed such as

Non-technical were not able to manage and generate complex forms.
Building, retrieving, and rendering forms lacked extensibility for broader application integration.
Lack of flexible search capabilities for intricate queries across vast data volumes.
Inability to retrieve docket relationships dynamically through dynamic phrases.
A configurable branding solution, aligning technology with corporate identity.
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eligarf leveraged a robust technology stack to drive this transformation leveraging cutting-edge tools such as MVC, SQL, CSS3, Elastic Search, HTML5, jQuery, Bootstrap, and Ember JS.


eligarf's Solution:

The strategic solutions eligarf deployed to overcome challenges and redefine the paradigm,

Dynamic Form Builder: Empowering users to create online forms swiftly without extensive development time.
Form Rendering Engine: Ensuring seamless rendering and extensibility for other applications.
Flex Search Engine: Introducing a flexible search capability for complex queries against extensive datasets.
Database Encryption: Enhancing security through advanced encryption methods.
Docket Data Search: Facilitating the retrieval of docket relationships through dynamic phrases.
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Customer Benefits:

The transformative impact on the customer’s operations was User-Friendly Mechanism to swiftly create online forms without any need for extensive development, Drag-and-Drop Functionality. Empowering users to easily integrate standard web UI elements into forms, Dynamic Search Capabilities and Integration with FlexSearch Engine leading to an advanced workflow helping the Customer grow its business.

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