eligarf Technologies is pleased to support Samatvam Trust who provide medical care for children with Type-1 Diabetes. 

Samatvam Endocrinology Diabetes stands as a beacon of excellence in treating and managing diabetes and other endocrine metabolic disorders. With a founding ethos deeply rooted in integrating science and spirituality, its commitment to providing the highest quality healthcare to all has remained unwavering since its establishment in 1987.

At the core of Samatvam’s endeavors lie health care, education, research, and social welfare. Through their medical facilities, they tirelessly serve the community, embodying their philosophy of fostering humane, honest, and holistic healthcare.

The annual cost of diabetic care for a child is Rs. 24,950 or US $ 300 (Samatvam’s estimates). Given the current difficult economic conditions, eligarf Technologies and Samatvam Trust have come together for this noble cause. This collaboration between eligarf Technologies and Samatvam represents a shared vision of making a meaningful impact on juvenile health. Together, we strive to contribute to the well-being of the younger generation, ensuring a healthier and brighter future for all. As a token we have contributed Rs 5 Lakhs to support juvenile health initiatives.

We are excited about the prospects this partnership holds and look forward to making a positive difference in the lives of children under Samatvam’s care.

Dr. Bhanudev Bhatt, Hon. CEO of Samatvam Trust stated “Type 1 Diabetes in children is a  permanent medical condition, in which Insulin is not produced due to the failure of the pancreas, and without Insulin the child can meet a fatal end  in a few days.” He further pointed out that “It is an expensive disorder to manage, causes long term multiple organ damage, harms the child physically, emotionally and socially and also adversely affects the family unit. Sadly Type 1 Diabetes in children is not recognised as a disability in India!”

 “At eligarf Technologies, corporate social responsibility is a core value, particularly when it comes to our communities,” said Vivek Desai, CEO & Director. “We believe our success should translate into positive societal impact. Supporting children with Type 1 diabetes was an easy decision thanks to Samatvam’s dedicated team.”

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About Samatvam Trust:

Samatvam Trust, is a registered public charitable trust, formed in the year 1995 and run by a group of medical and social volunteers. It was established to provide comprehensive health care for people with diabetes and other endocrine metabolic disorders. The major focus of the organisation’s public service activity has been to provide affordable endocrinology treatment to the underprivileged. The organisation has touched the health and lives of more than 100,000 fellow citizens with diabetes.

For more information, visit www.samatvam.org

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